We believe that product integrity begins with quality ingredients. That’s why Empire Baking Company uses the highest quality ingredients available including King Arthur™ flour, natural sea salt, Plugra™ butter, Boars Head™ meats, local pecans, and Callebaut™ chocolate. Our commitment to quality stems from our commitment to you, our customers. It’s repeat customers that serve as the real source of our success.

Time may be the most important ingredient used in making our bread, as it imparts the greatest flavor. That’s why we use minimal yeast and our breads are made from scratch, meaning everything is handmade, hand-shaped and baked fresh everyday. There are no fillers, conditioners, dough enhancers, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors ever used.

This method of making bread takes longer and is very difficult to make however, that’s what Artisan bread is all about. We believe Empire Baking Company offers quality you can truly taste.



Many of our employees have been with us since our inception in 1992. Our long-time employees bring knowledge, experience, and skill to their work. Together we are constantly bettering ourselves and bringing the best product to the market that we possibly can.

Meaders and Robert Ozarow, Owners

Meaders Moore Ozarow started Empire Baking Company in 1992 with her husband Robert. Meaders, an Abilene native has always loved food. “We were into food as a family,” says Meaders. She describes her mother as a “health-food nut” in the ’60s and she remembers her father’s fascination with Julia Child and her cooking shows.

At the time, the Ozarows both had successful careers, Meaders was in furniture sales and Robert an investment banker, but food was their passion. They cooked and entertained a lot, and both were raised to appreciate quality food.

When Empire Baking Company opened there were few alternatives for buying fresh-baked bread in Dallas. “If you bought bread, it was at the grocery store,” Meaders says. Meaders decided to bring this artisan bread to Dallas. Eventually, both she and Robert quit their jobs to devote themselves to the company.

Empire was the first in the region to bake with King Arthur unbleached and unbromated flour, which had been milled at Morrison’s Milling Company in Denton using King Arthur’s patented process. Bakemart was the supplier.

“We started out like a rocket ship,” Meaders says. “The minute we opened our doors in November of 1992, there were people waiting.” The original location was in Oak Lawn. Robert focused on strategic planning and Meaders concentrated on sales and marketing, while a team of craft bakers manned the kitchen. Six months after Empire’s inception, Chris Cutshall, a Houston chef who wanted to be a part of their cutting-edge process, joined the team.

Empire now has approximately 45 employees, many of whom have been with the company since its early years. They staff the operation around the clock at its manufacturing facility near Greenville Avenue and at the flagship store at Inwood Road and Lovers Lane. Eighty percent of its business is wholesale to area restaurants, coffee shops and bars, including The Mansion on Turtle Creek, The Hyatt Regency, The Four Seasons, Jasper’s and Lee Harvey’s.

When she is not breaking bread, she is cooking food for her family, driving and raising money for Meals on Wheels and giving her time and resources to the arts. She also enjoys shepherding her two boys 16 and 20.

10333774_800861453280548_3899406133380475316_oChris Cutshall, Head Baker

Chris Cutshall, a chef in Houston at the time of Empire Baking Company’s inception, understood breads importance. Chris is the son of an engineer and a foodie mother with 50 tomato plants growing in her back yard. A brief stint in bread making sparked Chris’ curiosity and prompted him to approach Empire Baking about his interest in bread. According to Meaders and Robert, “Chris has a natural curiosity for learning, that’s why he’s so good at it- he’s intrigued by it and he’s constantly learning about this complex product.”

Chris came on board shortly after Empire Baking Company began and within five years they had amassed a team that is still roughly in place today. Chris says, “Loading baguettes in the oven becomes like a dance between two people. I’ve been working with some of these guys for 18 years and what makes a difference is the knowledge and experience that comes from skill and repetition, it’s almost meditative- slinging flour, shaping dough, and slicing the tops of loaves before they get shoveled in and out of the oven.”